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            Giving back to the community.

Composting at the Prison

I've spent a bit of time volunteering at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center. While just about everyone in my family thought I was crazy to walk myself into prison, I can't stop thinking about what a nice time I had! They have a nice space for gardening, including a greenhouse; Kris Weixelman, the lady in charge, is wonderful; and the inmates were kind, funny, and eager to work. After talking with Kris earlier in the summer, she got guys to build some compost bins, and I arranged to have some horse manure delivered (Thanks Fairweather Stable!). When I showed up I was impressed by their work--their compost bins are nicer than mine! I could see that the inmates really cared about what they were doing, from the latching lid props on the upscale pallet bin, to the glossy paint on the drum tumblers. They even had bags of food scraps they had saved from the kitchen. As I explained how to prime the bin and layer the material, all hands were on deck shoveling away. They asked questions, they laughed, and they didn't complain when their hands got dirty. Poopy dirty, even. I couldn't help but think of how nice it would be to compost with a crew like this on a regular basis! Perhaps some of these guys will find their purpose in the garden, or in the compost pile. I look forward to supporting them through their composting adventures and hope that the seeds that are planted at the prison are not only in the garden.


We have provided volunteer consultation to:

Southeast Alaska Food Bank
Riverbend Elementary School
and countless people!

Supporting Non-Profits

The Glory Hall Soup Kitchen- In January our members donate coffee and tea to Juneau Composts's beverage drive.  We also provide free composting service for their annual Empty Bowls fundraiser, and donate to their silent auction.
KTOO Public Media - In November we donate a new member's compost service fee to KTOO's pledge drive. We also provide free composting service for their Seafood Festival fundraiser. 
Salmon Beyond Borders
Institute For Local Self-Reliance- We participate in Giving Tuesday. When new members sign up for composting we donate their first month's service to organizations we love. 

          Places we've presented and where we're going.

Southeast Alaska Farmers Summit - Feb 2019 in Sitka

JACC Food Fest - Workshop - Growing a Compost Movement - Aug 2018

Haines Earth Day Fair - Workshop - Composting in Haines - Apr 2018

Juneau STEM night - booth - Mar 2018

Juneau Sustainability Commission Series - talk, pannel discussion - Nov 2017
JACC Food Fest -  Workshop - Home Composting - Aug 2017

2018 Leaf Drive

Skip the scale, take a left, and look for the sign just before the tire pile. The landfill is open 7am-4:30pm Monday-Saturday. 

Thanks to Marms and Meeks for the lovely poster!

An on-going need for help! 

Lots of people turn to crowd funding to help their projects work. Well, instead of a fundraiser, we need leaves!

Help the Food ROT--donate LEAVES (not cash) to Compost!

​Please only pledge however many bags of leaves you plan to collect, whether from your own yard or from a  park or forest near you!  Simply send an email to [email protected] when you have your leaves, and I'll pick them up and process them along with Juneau's food scraps. I promise you, it will turn into lovely, amazing, magical compost! Drop off location coming soon!

2017 Leaf Drive
Pledge: 1 bag or more
​Reward: Sincere Gratitude

For every bag of leaves you donate to be composted, we will radiate to you sincere gratitude.

Pledge: 5 bags or more
Reward: True Appreciation

For every 5 bags of leaves you donate to be composted, we will radiate to you true appreciation.
Pledge: 10 bags or more
Reward: Humble Thanks

For every 10 bags of leaves you donate to be composted, we will radiate to you humble thanks.

Highlight Series 
           Composting in other places.