Residential Service

What We Do

We are a ​​​compost processing service, and we offer weekly curbside collection at no extra charge. Basically, you pay us a monthly fee to turn your "feedstock" of food scraps and yard debris into finished compost. Pick up is every Tuesday and Friday, and we drive through just about every part of town!

Acceptable material includes raw and cooked foods of all kinds, except for meat and fish; organic yard debris; paper products, and more. See the full sort list  here .

We sell our finished compost by the 5 gallon bag, and customers have first dibs. Please understand that we are a new, small complany and takes time to make good compost. Customers get an email with specifics when finished compost time comes.


The Solo Rate is $25 a month ($26.25 including tax). Set 5 gallons of food scraps at the curb each week. Yard debris is accepted as well. A perks with the solo rate includes the ability to put your service on hold as needed for travel.

Community Engagement Option to Save $$​

The Hub Rate of $12.50 a month ($13.13 including tax) gets you service at the curb every week in conjuction with other people.  Get together with friends, neighbors, or coworkers and find a central drop off spot you can all use (called “the hub”). Each member of the hub gets their own bucket and their own invoice. On collection day you all bring your buckets to the hub and we collect them all at once. 

Want the whole kit delievered to your door?
Below are the items we sell and deliver:

5 gallon bucket and snap-on lid with our logo & sort list        $7 

5g Bucket and screw-top lid with our logo & sort list         $17

Paper bags to line your bucket           $5 for 25

Bioplastic bags to line your bucket         $7 for a roll of 25

Bioplastic bags 30g for cans       $17 for a roll of 12

Juneau Composts! sticker           $1

1" pin          $3

Finished compost - 1 quart     $5

Finished compost - 5 gallons       $10

Intermittent Service

​​Cleaning the yard? We pick up yard debris from pesticide-free yards* even if you are not a member!
Bagged MOSS and LEAVES are FREE. 

NOTE: We do not accept plastic bags! Most garden centers in town have low-cost 30-gallon paper yard debris bags just like these.

Cost for grass clippings, weeds, and chicken bedding varies depending on the load. Sorry, but we do not accept brush at this time. Send us a message with what & how much you have and we'll send you a quote.

* Turf Builder and Weed-and-Feed have herbicides in them. If you have used those products on your lawn we do not want your material. Kick the pesticide habbit and we can take your material next year!

Ready to Start?


Simply use the contact tab to send us your info. Let us know if you'd like to buy a bucket and/or liner bags, and when you want service to start. We'll send you our welcome package with all the details to get you on the path to composting. 

Get Ready

Next, set up your collection system. Find a place for your bucket to live and let your family know the scoop.


Finally,  collect your food, bioplastic, paper scraps, and yard debris. Put it out at the curb on your collection day morning, and we'll collect the contents.
Compostable Packaging
Curious About
Compostable Packaging?

Look for the BPI logo!

The Biodegradable Products Institute tests products to ensure that they are in fact compostable. Simply search their approved products by company or item. ​​

We have successfully  composted several types of bioplastics, including plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.

Unfortunately,  many items that look compostable (like to-go coffee cups and Dixie paper plates) are actually lined with regular old plastic. These items are basically trash that will need to be sorted out of the finished compost product. Many items that are labled "biodegradable" are not actually compostable. 

Our take at Juneau Composts is that it's always best to carry your cup and pack a spork. If you must use disposables, find ones that are labeled as certified BPI compostable